Webinars and Seminars

From time to time the NHSA will host a Webinar or Seminar that will be of particular value to NHSA members. Below is a listing of upcoming Webinar topics. Those shown in blue are live links to presentations that are complete and ready for viewing:

  Replacing Public Schools - The Future of Education
  Introduction to Homeschooling
  What Makes Someone “Qualified” to Teach
  The Damaging Effects of Rewards and Grades
  College Shortcuts to Save Time and Money
  Making it All Work Financially
  The Difference Between Schooling and Education
  Learning Tips and Techniques
  Retraining Society to Appreciate the Homeschooled Mind
  Imagine Education Without College Prep
  Making use of Resources from State and National Organizations

For those of you who would like to make a presentation to the NHSA members via webinar or seminar please email your ideas to:


Likewise, anyone who would like to recommend a speaker for us to contact about making a presentation can email their suggestions to the same address. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Other free webinars that we have found that have some ideas that might be of interest to you are shown below:

These first 5 "audio only" webinars are from the "Connect the Thoughts" website.

Using 21st Century Ideas and Resources

Why You Should Be Confident Homeschooling

Homeschooling and Creativity

A Holiday Celebration of Homeschooling - The Childrens hour

A Holiday Celebration of Homeschooling - The Parents hour

These next webinars are sponsored by Sonlight Curiculum

Exploring Your Child's Learning Styles Homeschool Webinar

Exploring Your Child's Learning Styles Homeschool Webinar

This next webinar is from the Home Educators Association of Virginia

Intro to Home Education