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This  section contains a collection of educational and inspirational video’s that are embedded below for easy viewing.  Be sure to log in to see the rest of the collection which includes a number of other very good and enlightening videos organized by their subject matter. 

NOTICE: The appearance of a particular video below does not necessarily mean that the NHSA endorses or agrees with the content of those videos. Some are included only because they offer unique consideration of subjects which the NHSA believes should be considered, discussed, debated and scrutinized. 

If you know of a particular video that you believe is educational or enlightening please let us know so that we can consider it for inclusion in our library.

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Stop "Dumbing Down" our Children!

You Can Homeschool, Part 1 -- HSLDA

You Can Homeschool, Part 2 -- HSLDA

No Agenda Homeschool - The Runaway Train

Sugata Mitra's Self- Teaching Experiments

What if We Trusted You

Homeschooling - Preparing For Life

Unschooling: the new class of learning

Why Homeschool?

A Prison by Any Other Name

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