Secondary 9th-12th Grade Curriculum

Currently there are a multitude of curriculum providers that have created excellent materials for all Secondary 9th-12th grade studies and the NHSA has no interest in recreating the wheel, so to speak. Please go to our Curriculum Match site at

The NHSA has also established the NHSA Home Learning Store which will continually expand its inventory of available curriculum materials, as well as other supplies and learning aids, at discount prices.

Over the course of the coming years NHSA Terra Scholars will be encouraged to create their own courses on subjects that they are particularly passionate about. In this way the students become the teachers and will prepare learning materials from perspectives not currently found in the marketplace. The NHSA plans to help the Terra Scholar creators, of these unique course materials, to market their creations to other NHSA members and the public at affordable prices. So as time goes on, the NHSA will in effect become a provider of curriculum materials through the section of the Home Learning Store dedicated to NHSA member created courses.

Any NHSA Terra Scholar interested in participating the "Create Your Own Course" Program should contact us for more details by clicking HERE.