Q-Kids Camps

Q Kids Camp

Starting in mid 2021, in select areas around the country, an affiliate company of the NHSA called "Q-Kids Camps" will be offering 1-Day, 3-Day, 7-Day and on-occasion 14-Day, learning opportunities.

The main objective of  each individual Camp is to let kids experience how much fun learning can be. Other objectives include inspiring the children to really pursue what interests them most but to also take a fresh look at subjects that they feel are boring or pointless.  There is no sitting and listening, these camps are all about doing and experiencing.

A small sampling of what activities these camps will cover includes:

  • Fun with computers
  • Fun with physics
  • History as an action packed thriller
  • Math tricks for fun and amazement
  • Kitchen chemistry
  • Integrating art into all subjects
  • Role playing
  • Movie Making
  • Logic puzzle treasure hunts, etc.

The longer the Camp, the more subjects that will be covered. For example, there are over 25 different activities that are included in the 14-day Camp.

To make the Camps as affordable as possible for NHSA members, the NHSA has worked out special pricing that includes a 50% Member discount for all of the Camps as shown in the schedule below.



Member Price
50% Off

Q-kids Camps -1 Day $150.00 $75.00
-3 Day $395.00 $132.00
-7 Day $950.00 $475.00
-14 Day $1,700.00 $850.00

All members will be notified as to the dates and locations of each camp as they are scheduled starting in mid 2021.