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The National Home School Association started out in 2013 as the Home Learning Association. As it grew both in membership and available programs it took on an ever increasing role in the homeschooling movement until in 2019 it took its rightful place as thee "National" home school association. Consequently some of the "Realeses" and "Feature Stories" shown below include reference to the Home Learning Association. Those should be reviewed for background only as the really exciting stuff is just beginning in 2021.

Release 1 - "Newly Launched National Homeschool Association Aims to Become Epicenter of Homeschooling Movement"

Release 2 - "School’s Out! Home Education Takes Off"

Release 3 - "Home Learning Association Steps to the Epicenter of America's Homeschooling"

Release 4 - "The Home Learning Association Launches as America’s First National Organization Designed to Support ALL Homeschoolers and their Families"

Release 5 - "Homeschooling Families Nationwide Look to the Stars with the Home Learning Association’s 2014 Space Camp Adventure"

Release 6 - "Home Learning Association Launches New “Solutions Debate” Program’"

Release 7 -The New Web Series "Space Camp" by the Home Learning Association Celebrates the Fun of Learning

Release 8 -Public Schools - Destructive to Children or Not? - Open Call to Parents to Tell Their Stories

Release 9 - Home Learning Association Seeks to Strengthen the Homeschool Movement with its New Affiliate Program

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Feature Story Archive

Story 1 - New Association Will Support Home Schooling by Katie Bascuas

Story 2 - Home Learning Association is Created

Story 3 - Seeking New Members Through Affiliate Marketing

Other Stories

Story 1 - Introducing: The Home Learning Association

Story 2 - House bills revive effort to let 529 money pay for home schooling

Story 3 - Kids and Money: Second run at expanding benefits from 529 plans

Story 4 - Listen to the Teacher (How Teachers Can Lead Education Reform)

Story 5 - Road Scholars

News Broadcasts

Story and Broadcast 1 - The amount of home-schooled students in Ohio has gone up 52% in past five years

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