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The NHSA Image Bank contains images of key personnel, logos, events and random shots of particular interest to the NHSA

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No fee is charged for using the images. However, credit MUST be given to the National Home School Association unless otherwise instructed to give credit to the photographer or other source.

Downloading Images: To download an image, click the link under the thumbnail for the size you want. Then right click the image after it loads and select "Save As" to save the image to your computer.

Main Logo
Color Grayscale
Small (2"x1.5") Small (2"x1.5")
Medium (4"x3") Medium (4"x3")
Large (8"x6") Large (8"x6")
Terra Scholar Ebook
Terra Scholar E-book
Small (2"x3")
Medium (4"x6")
Large (6"x9")
HS Teacher Course
HS Teacher Course
Small (2.14"x3.09")
Medium (3.89"x5.61")
Large (5.18"x7.48")
Home Learning Digest
Home Learning Digest
Small (2.5"x1.5")
Medium (3.5"x2.2")
Large (4.75"x3")