Post Graduation Studies

The HLA is a very strong advocate of lifelong learning which can take many forms. Certainly pursuit of college, university and tech school courses can help supplement ones education.

However, the HLA does not believe that a person's worth should be determined by the credentials that they hold and we believe that the whole concept of getting "degrees" ultimately has a negative impact on society.

While the HLA does not want to contribute to perpetuating the problem, it is clear that until enough employers become educated about how to properly select team members for their workforce (without any regard to their formalized "schooling") then students will continue to be inspired, if not coerced, into obtaining credentials of one sort or another.

Consequently, the HLA has made it a mission to help any and all Terra Scholars become business owners and therefore their own bosses who, of course, won't require such credentials of themselves and hopefully not their team members.

Another mission of the HLA will be to educate employers to get past their obsession with credentials and look to the people and their competencies and strengths, which will most often not be identifiable on a transcript, nor the results of standardized tests and so-called degrees.

In the meantime, the HLA would like to help those members that feel that, in spite of the cost in terms of time and money, a college / university / trade school experience would be beneficial to them.

To assist, we have included sections on this website that contain a "College Database" that provides information on homeschool friendly post-secondary schools and a section on "Scholarships" to try to help keep our members from getting deeply enslaved to their student loans before even getting a shot at experiencing adult life.

We have also included a section about a new University, in development, that embodies what the HLA believes is the best possible scenario for homeschooled students that are still determined to get the degree / credentials that society still prefers. That section is called "Viska University". Viska plans to open it's doors sometime late in 2016.

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