Membership - How It Works

Family Membership - $39.00/year

A family membership will include up to 2 parent accounts and up to 10 student accounts

Membership Benefits Include:

  1. Full On-line Access to all 5 disc's (all 10 1/2 hours) of the Homeschool Teacher Course
  2. Comprehensive E-book entitled "Terra Scholar -A Complete Handbook for Today's Homeschooler"
  3. Full access and use of the NHSA Social Network
    • Create a unique Profile Page, to proudly display talents and accomplishments, while making new friends of all ages and in all locations.
    • Post in and view the on‐line "Talent Showcase"
    • Socialize and work on joint projects.
  4. Monthly issues of the Home Learning Digest Newsletter
  5. Access to educational and entertaining content for younger children (In Development)
  6. Access to various information sources including:
    • Unique and exclusive course material (Starting fall 2021)
  7. Ability to participate in the NHSA National Talent Showcase including:
    • Virtual Science Fair (Solo and Group - All Science categories)
    • Solutions Debate (Collaboratively finding real solutions to real problems)
    • Music (Solo and Group Singing, Instrumentals, Bands)
    • Film Festival (Short Films, Feature Length Films and Documentaries)
    • Dance (Solo, Small Group and Large Group)
    • MAD V's (Make-A-Difference Videos)
    • Art (Photography, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Homeschool Posters, Jewelry / Metals)
    • Literature (Non-fiction, General Fiction, Science Fiction, Poetry, Activist, Investigative Reporting, Fix –it Essay)

    Note: The National Talent Showcase will be held each year at the annual NHSA Virtual Expo. The first Expo is tentatively scheduled for May of, 2021.

  8. Access to world Adventure Travel just for Terra Scholars (Homeschoolers)
  9. Access to Fundraising Opportunities for the Students and the Parents
  10. Help for parents with full time jobs to create P.O.D.S.
  11. Access to Esteem Building Programs like:
  12. Access to a Database of Homeschool friendly Tech Schools, Colleges and Universities (In Development)
  13. Access to Post-Graduation Opportunities including:
  14. NHSA Membership Card
    • For use as a Student ID for the Students when being confronted by truant officers
    • For use as a Discount Card for the students and parents to use at various national chain stores and restaurants and eventually at the Home Learning Store with the following discounts:
      50% Discount on: Non-Member Price Member Price 50% Off
      "Homeschool- The Game" (Coming Soon) $28.00 $14.00
      Seminars $75.00 $37.50
      Webinars $15.00 $7.50

      Q-kids Camps

      (lodging not included)

      -1 Day $150.00 $75.00
      -3 Day $395.00 $132.00
      -7 Day $950.00 $475.00
      -14 Day $1,700.00 $850.00

We want this Association to provide everything that a homeschooling family would want. So if there is something that you would like us to add please let us know. The bigger this Association gets, the stronger it becomes, and the better the chance that it will be able to help protect your right to homeschool. Please join us today by clicking the button below.