Member Profiles

The Profile Pages of Members are accessible only to Members and each member has the ability to make his or her Profile accessible only to their friends if they choose.

  • Students will be allowed to upload original pictures, videos, audio files and documents to the NHSA Showcase to share with other members and have the option to allow or disallow comments from other members.
  • They will have the option to put as much information in their profile as they would like and then choose whether or not their profile is viewable by all members or only those they accept to be their friends.
  • They can designate if they want any of their uploads, (demonstrating their accomplishments), to appear in the Showcase Search or if they will be viewable only through their profile.
  • Awards they have received from the NHSA will automatically appear on their profile page.
  • Members will be able to search for other members by name, location, keyword (for interests, activities, accomplishments, etc..) and age.
  • Members will be able to chat online through sending private emails back and forth.
  • Members will have the opportunity to link their external blog and/or youtube channel to their profile, and
  • Members will be able to post a Resume/CV if they are seeking employment.

Profile Example: