Space Camp

Homeschool Space Camp Adventure

The National Home School Association is very proud to announce that tentatively the 2021 Adventure Travel oppurtunity for homeschool families will be at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

There will be two programs running simultaneously starting late in August 2021. The exact dates will be announced early in the year.

The first program will be for students age 9-13 and the other program will be for student age 14-18. Parents are also welcome to participate side-by-side with their children in either program. Our objective is to completely fill the Space Camp facility with just homeschoolers during that week so we will do whatever we can to assist those that want to go.

Please be sure to check out the fundraising options to help raise the money for the trip and other educational supplies you might need.

Full details on pricing and what each of the programs will include will be posted later this year.

Those who are interested should fill out the Reservation Form below to save a spot for each member of the family that wants to participate. Additional information can also be found at


Space Camp has a number of forms that they will want each participant to fill out eventually but to make sure that a space is reserved, for all the members of your family that want to participate, please fill out the simple form below. The reservation is non-binding but provides us with an indication of how many will be participating.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 303-968-1994 or email us at


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Space Camp - The Web Series

This web series follows a group of teenagers and some of their parents as they embark on the adventures of the 12-Day Advanced Space Academy. Space mission simulations, scuba diving, team work, rocket launches, robotics, hilarious moments and more with a little dancing thrown in. Follow this quirky group and watch all of the exciting things they experience during their trip at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. View the preview below:

Here are the links to the Episodes that are already posted for viewing:

Space Camp The Web Series Funny Trailer

Episode 1 - The Arrival

Episode 2 - Area 51

Episode 3 - Bunny Hops, Bungie Cords & Scuba Diving

Episode 4 - Earth, Moon & Orbit

Episode 5 - Dancing on the Moon

Episode 6 - Pamper Pole

Episode 7 - Robotics, Rockets & Races Oh My

Episode 8 - LDM Part 1

Episode 9 - LDM Part 2

Episode 10 - LDM Part 3

Episode 11 - Rain, Dizziness & The Amazing Race

Episode 12 - Airplanes & Lego Robotics

Episode 13 - A Day In The Life Of Space Camp