Social Network

While similar in some respects to the other popular social networks, the Home Learning Social Network is unique, in that it will allow homeschooled children to safely interact exclusively with likeā€minded homeschoolers who share common interests and aspirations.

Each student will have the option to have his or her own profile page where they will be encouraged to showcase their accomplishments and interests. This is designed to provide them with the opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve and to serve as inspiration to other homeschooled children who can benefit by having role models to look up to.

It is expected that through this network the children will freely interact with each other, form study groups, participate in joint projects, work together to solve problems and even partner up on debate teams.

The Network has strict policies against cyber-bullying and the use of any kind of profanity. Depending on the severity of an infraction the NHSA may issue a warning or immediately remove the profile (and thus access to the network) of the individual or individuals who violated the rules. Those individuals who have had their profiles removed may reapply for a new profile after a period of 3 years. The NHSA will approve or disapprove of such applications at their sole discretion. Should a warning be issued and a second infraction occur then the violator's profile will be permanently removed with no opportunity for reapplication.

Unlike other social networks it will be nearly impossible to create phantom or duplicate accounts and the identity of each individual on the network will be independently verified to help prevent access to online predators or stalkers. Safety is the number one concern of the NHSA Social Network and we will strive to make sure that this network remains a safe and enjoyable place for students to meet, interact and work together regardless of their location.

Students under the age of 13 will be able to have their own account and profile with written authorization from their parents. Students who graduate may remain members and maintain their accounts, for as long as they choose, to make use of the post graduate services and placement agency.

Any child or family that chooses, at their option, not to participate in the Social Network will still have the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous other opportunities available through this site and the membership.

See also the sections called "Member Profiles" and "Showcase".