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Featured Links

A membership organization dedicated to protecting the right to homeschool. Their website is a treasure trove of information and resources for all homeschoolers.

This is a great resource for high school age homeschoolers. They have curriculum Information, graduation information and even an extensive list of homeschool friendly colleges.


100 Free Online Tools to Learn a New Skill in Almost Anything

A whole list of great articles


Homeschool Legal Defense Association (a treasure chest of information and links)

TED Talks (1500 Incredibly informative short talks on everything)

StarFall - Free way to teach children to read with phonics

Khan Academy - Learn Almost Anything for Free

Teachers Pay Teachers - Many Free Items and Many More Available for Purchase

Clickschooling - Free daily curriculum ideas

Math Playground - Free Math Games, Videos and More Many resources and Links for Homeschoolers

John Holt's - Growing Without Schooling

Home EDucators Resource Directory

MIT Open Courses - 200 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Courses available free online

Open Courseware Consortium (8,469 Free Online Courses from 68 sources)

Cosmo Learning (500 Courses in 36 subjects from universities including Harvard and Yale)

Fun Brain - Educational Games - math and reading

Art Projects for kids (for K-5 and beyond)

Little Bird Tales -Capture your child's voice and imagination with this creative story building tool.

Practical Homeschooling Magazine

National Home Education Research Institute

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Home Education Foundation

Home Education Resources

The Teaching Home

Education Without School: How It Can Be Done by Ivan Illich

Coursera -Free Online College Courses

MOOC List - Free Online Courses

101 Homeschooling Sites

InformED - News and Insights on Education

Homeschool Central