Community Projects

American Council on Home Learning

Homeschoolers are typically very active in their communities and time after time they are the unsung heroes who come through in ways that others either can't or won't. Local homeschool support groups across the nation have sponsored countless projects and events to help their communities and now the NHSA will provide local groups with the opportunity to participate in local projects that will be coordinated on a nationwide scale so that the impact of their efforts can collectively be felt and recognized across all 50 States.

The NHSA plans to sponsor one major year-long project that hopefully all NHSA affiliated Support Groups will take an interest in. The NHSA will also attempt to coordinate a smaller project for one or two days out of each month. These smaller projects will be the kind that would be notable if one group did them but will be really something incredible and truly productive when thousands of groups join together on the same day(s) to work toward a common goal.

Such projects may range from environmental projects like, tree planting, creation of community gardens, beautification/mural projects or possibly educational projects (where the students become the teachers) by hosting classes on something they are good at for safe key or underprivileged kids, at community centers, for example.

The details of the major, year-long, project will be announced on October 1st of each year and details of the monthly projects will be announced on the first of each month starting on October 1st of each year and running through May.

Any Member can feel free to email the NHSA at with any suggestions for big or small projects.

With the ingenuity, enthusiasm and abilities of the millions of homeschoolers out there, there is virtually nothing that we, together, can't accomplish.