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The NHSA firmly believes that the practice of giving incentives, rewards, grades and bribes to get children to learn conditions the children to believe that they should learn strictly to get something in return. The happiest children learn for the sheer joy of it and the natural benefits obtained from knowing something new.

Children who discover new things and new information on their own, without being pushed or given incentives, treat their new discoveries as pieces of precious treasure as opposed to something that can be quickly discarded as soon as the reward is received. The incentives, grades, etc. take away the joy of learning and rob children of a pleasure they could carry with them their whole life.

The NHSA does however believe that special efforts and achievements deserve recognition. So from time to time, when the NHSA or the HSI becomes aware of something that clearly warrants recognition, an "Award" will be automatically added to the profile page, of the Member who received the Award, and notice of it will be made to the entire NHSA membership in the monthly newsletter and below on this page.

These Awards will not be ones that can be prepared for. No member will know when the Award(s) will be issued or even what they will be for, so they cannot be waved in front of a child's nose as an incentive to work harder. The Awards may or may not have anything to do with how hard a child works. They may acknowledge something special or unique or they may just serve as acknowledgement of a specific accomplishment.

A pat on the back with a "good job", after a task is completed, can result in a far happier student than one who is told he or she must do a good job before even starting. These Awards will hopefully serve as pats on the backs of Terra Scholars who go above and beyond because of their obvious joy of learning.

It may be awhile before any Awards are issued but check back from time to time to see what Awards have been given. Members who are logged in will be able to see the complete list.

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