Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Home School Association?

The National Home School Association (NHSA) is the national headquarters for homeschooling in America. As such the NHSA is America’s premier national inclusive membership organization created to make homeschooling easy, fun and rewarding. We provide our members with everything they need to get started and we provide on-going support through our many programs, activities and services while building an organization strong enough to protect the rights of our members.

Is the NHSA open to everyone?

Absolutely, the NHSA welcomes all Terra Scholars (homeschoolers) regardless of if they are secular, faith based or have special needs. We also strive to provide support to all different styles ranging from unschooling to eclectic. The NHSA will also do its best to support those still in public or private schools who are trying to make the transition to becoming Terra Scholars.

What does the NHSA offer for elementary and middle school age learners?

Aside from our Kids Corner and Learning Adventures sections which will provide regularly updated opportunities to learn and have fun, we provide access to our Social Network with its talent showcase starting at age 9 and up (with parents written permission). Students are also invited to participate in our many annual talent showcases, gain discounted access to the Q-kids camps, adventure travel opportunities, participate in community projects, fundraising opportunities, our Ambassador program, the ebook and video library, the “Ask the Expert” program, the annual “NHSA Virtual Expo”, the “Support Group Directory” and eventually, access to curriculum materials through the “NHSA Home Learning Store.” During 2021 and 2022 additional programs will be added for kids under 12 including "Coding for kids (SCRATCH)", "Learning through Minecraft", an arcade of educational games called the "Grokade", Terra Scouts” and various "Q-Kids Camps".

What does the NHSA offer for High School age learners?

Everything listed above for the younger Terra Scholars plus: "Solutions Debate", Student Council, “Future Business Leaders” program, "National Virtual Science Fair", “Docu-League”, graduation speech opportunity, graduate registry, diploma options including an endorsement option, tech school and college database, create-your-own-course program, the “Hall of Fame” and eventually “Viska University” where you will be able to design your own degree.

What does the NHSA offer for the parents?

In addition to all of the opportunities mentioned above for the children, the NHSA offers the parents: A free downloadable comprehensive e-book about “homeschooling”,unlimited on-line access to 10 1/2 hours of an instructional DVD course on being a homeschool teacher, discounts at the “NHSA Home Learning Store”, printable membership ID cards that provide numerous discounts, an on-line forum, monthly newsletter, e-books and videos in our library especially for the parents, a “Calendar of Events”, the annual “NHSA Virtual Expo”, the “Support Group Directory”, access to adventure travel, community projects, fundraising options, business options, opportunity to participate in the “Leadership Council”, an employment agency for those who have been homeschooled including a soon to be added tech school and college database.

What inspired the creation of the NHSA?

It is a given fact that the public school system is a dismal failure and has become severely destructive to our society at large especially to the youth who are to become the leaders of tomorrow. This catastrophe cannot be solved with more money or more teachers and certainly not with any further government involvement. With only very few exceptions people who went on to become successful, after having been “educated” in the public school system, did so in spite of having gone to public school rather than because of it. Those successful people typically taught themselves or were effectively homeschooled in the evenings. An hour a day of one on one tutoring with someone who genuinely cares about and understands a student is infinitely better than the kind of so-called attention received in typical public schools. The NHSA believes that there can be no dispute whatsoever concerning the superiority of homeschooling over public school in just about every possible scenario except for when parents are clearly unfit to be parents let alone teachers. Consequently, since there was no national organization in place to support all aspects of a child's progression through homeschooling from birth to adulthood, we undertook the challenge to build one. Furthermore, we believe that there are strong forces at work against the homeschool movement and if homeschoolers do not come togehter as a unified voice to fight against the attacks being made then homeschooling will once again eventually be outlawed. The National Home School Association, as a truly national organization, can grow to be strong enough to prevent that from happening. Thousands of members will make a huge difference but millions of members will guaranty strength for all involved.

Specifically what is wrong with the Public School System?

A specific list would fill pages but some key points would include (even in the "so-called" best schools):

  • The very structure of public school strips children of their creativity, ability to think critically, their independence, self confidence, their desire to learn and in many cases even their dignity;
  • Children are forced to learn what the bureaucrats feel is important for them to learn and on the specific schedule set for such learning, regardless of the child’s interests or abilities, leading to pigeonholing and labeling for those who choose to think for themselves or choose to progress at a different rate;
  • In an environment very much akin to that of a prison, the incidence of violence, bullying, drugs, sex, sexual predators, gangs and worse at the public schools has to make every person question the sanity of exposing a child to this at any time let alone on a regular daily basis;
  • The revisionary and censored learning materials do not lead to an education but rather to indoctrination and programming;
  • The forced medications for those deemed to be disruptive along with the mandatory vaccinations for everyone; and;
  • The fact that, through the schools and social services, many in the government believe they have the right and ability to control virtually all aspects of a family’s home life.

What do the three words on your logo represent?

The NHSA seeks to:

  1. EMPOWER parents to protect their right to homeschool and to help their children to teach themselves whatever they are interested in learning, at home, or anywhere in the world that they might go;
  2. CONNECT homeschoolers, from all areas, together so that they can become a unified voice and to share their successes as well as build strong relationships among people who understand them and share their interests, and
  3. INSPIRE homeschoolers to become the best people they can be and to stick with homeschooling through graduation and beyond.