Employment Agency

Homeschool Industries

Through the NHSA's affiliate "Homeschool Industries", it is a goal of the NHSA to help educate employers, of all types, as to the unique nature and abilities of homeschooled children. Specifically, employers need to learn how a homeschooled child (who has obtained the ability to learn, critically analyze, comprehend and apply what they've learned to the task at hand) will typically make the best addition to their team. Even more so than those with “credentials” (confirming, in most cases, only that they have attended classes and properly regurgitated data for 16 to 20 years).

The future mandates that people have critical reasoning abilities and the ability to think outside-of-the-box. These attributes are not as typically present with children who have been subjected to public school.

The NHSA has found that typical Terra Scholars have out-of-the-box critical thinking abilities far beyond the norm. They also typically are self motivated, able to work independently or in groups (even groups of various ages) and are generally happier since they were not exposed to the many damaging influences of the government school system.

It is time for the corporate world to acknowledge this fact and find ways to integrate Terra Scholars into their workforce, if the Terra Scholars are not already working for themselves.

To aid in this process Homeschool Industries will be building a list of all companies, large and small, that are actively seeking to hire homeschooled individuals. They will also be maintaining a listing of job postings that result from such a list. See the "Employer List"  and " Job Postings for Terra Scholars"  sections of the Homeschool Industries website under "Placement Agency".

Please also take note that each year in May, at the virtual NHSA Expo, the Homeschool Industries Placement Agency will sponsor a job fair which will give employers the opportunity to introduce Terra Scholars to their companies and identify job openings, apprenticeship opportunities and intern positions that are available for which Terra Scholars would be welcome to apply.

At the various virtual booths of prospective employers, attendees to the Expo will be able to review videos and literature from each potential employer without having to interact until they're ready. Then attendees can engage in an immediate video chat or text chat with a live representative, or transfer a job application to their virtual briefcase, or upload a resume on the spot. It is designed to be a great opportunity for the employer and job seeker alike.