FYI Pictures

NHSA's Affiliate, FYI Pictures, will be the host of the Docu-League program for NHSA Members. The Docu-League is looking for aspiring student filmmakers, who have a passion for the truth, to work either individually or cooperatively on documentary projects identified by the NHSA.

Right now there are hundreds of true stories that need to be told ranging from correcting misconceptions of history to uncovering ways to overcome the real dangers facing the people of today.

The NHSA wants to encourage Terra Scholars to fully educate themselves on the topics provided and then prepare a documentary about what they have learned. Alternatively, they can prepare segments or make other contributions that can be integrated into a cooperatively created documentary about the specific topics identified.

Terra Scholars interested in participating in the Docu-League should send an email to to obtain a detailed information packet on how it all works and what topics are available to work on.