About Us

Aside from our many advisors and associates, we are a dedicated team of seasoned homeschoolers that are determined to maintain the NHSA's position as the epicenter of the home schooling movement. With a wide variety of talents and experience our team is uniquely positioned and qualified to take on the challenges to unify the millions of widely diverse and fiercely independent homeschool families across the country into a single voice to protect everyones right to homeschool.

Our Top Goals

  1. Find ways to help make homeschooling easy, fun and rewarding for everyone involved.
  2. Help families to make the decision if homeschooling is right for them.
  3. Provide parents with the knowledge, confidence and tools needed to help their children learn.
  4. Provide homeschoolers with opportunities not currently available on a national level (i.e. Adventure Travel, Talent Showcases, Fundraising Opportunities, Debate, Business Opportunities, Science Fair, Student Council, etc.).
  5. Help homeschoolers to safely socialize with each other.
  6. Provide parents with one-stop shopping to acquire everything they might need.
  7. Help students and parents to find ways to pay for all of the desired educational materials and activities, as well as compensate for lost work of the primary teaching parent, by providing support for home based business ventures.
  8. Support and encourage legislative efforts to improve homeschool laws by building an organization big enough to effectively lobby to protect the rights of its members.

What We Do

How Do We Help Homeschoolers

Our first objective is to help families to determine if homeschooling is right for them. To make this as easy as possible the National Home School Association (NHSA) is offering a free download to our members of a comprehensive E-book from the Home School Institute (HSI) entitled “Terra Scholar -A Complete Handbook for Today’s Homeschooler”. This E-book provides everything that a parent needs to know to make the decision to homeschool and then see it through to graduation and beyond. It will also be particularly useful for anyone that has a friend or relative that is uncomfortable with your decision to homeschool.

Our next objective is to help parents overcome their fear of homeschooling and provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to help their children learn. This starts with a free (for members) on-line instructional course broke into 5 disc's (10 1/2 hours of content) to help them to be truly effective homeschool teachers called the “Homeschool Teacher Course” . This course serves as the perfect companion to the Terra Scholar E-book.

For those parents that work full time the NHSA helps to organize P.O.D.S. ("Parent Organized Discovery Sites"). P.O.D.S. allow parents to work full time and still homeschool without need for daycare. P.O.D.S. are small groups of like minded families that take turns hosting the children of the group one day a week. The children can socialize and still pursue their academic interests in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Additional support in this area can be found on the NHSA website where parents can find a comprehensive E-book Library, Video Library, Support Group Directory and access to the “Ask an Expert” program. The NHSA offers a free monthly resource called the “NHSA Home Learning Digest Newsletter” to all homeschoolers.

The NHSA’s exclusive Social Network is designed as a safe on-line social network to allow homeschooled children to safely interact with like-minded homeschoolers of all ages who share common interests and aspirations.

If interested, each student can have his or her own profile page. On that page they will be encouraged to showcase their accomplishments, talents and interests to get the recognition they deserve. Their pages may also serve as inspiration to other homeschooled children who can benefit by having role models to look up to.

Through the Network, students can participate in joint projects, work together to solve problems, establish debate teams or just safely socialize.

The NHSA is sponsoring national level talent showcases in many categories that conclude with the national finals each year at the annual NHSA Virtual Expo. Showcase categories include: Dance, Singing, Instruments, Bands, Science Fair, Debate, various forms of Art, Film, various Writing and Essay entries and Multi-media Presentations on solving the world's problems.

For children under 12 the NHSA is building a "Kids Corner" that has a whole collection of activities that will be updated weekly and "Learning Adventures" that will give children the opportunity to earn points for answering critical thinking questions about books they've read. Several new activities are being added in 2021 to include "Coding for Kids (SCRATCH)", "Learning through Minecraft, a "Grokade" which will be a full online arcade of educational games, Terra Scouts and Q-Kids Camps.

The NHSA also facilitates leadership qualities and encourages help and input from the student population. Starting in 2021 a seven member NHSA Student Council will be elected by the members for each city and state. There will also be a seven member Student Council that will be elected to represent the entire national student body.

The NHSA Membership Card entitles members to dozens of discounts at national chain stores, restaurants, curriculum providers and others. More and more discounts will become available as time goes on and regular updates will be mde to the discount list, so keep checking the NHSA website for updates.

Then, to make sure that parents have affordable access to anything else that they might need, theNHSA has established the NHSA Home Learning Store. This online store will grow continually to provide one-stop shopping for virtually anything homeschoolers might need. We ask that NHSA members help support our Sponsors by visiting their pages within our store and thier websites. Store specials for NHSA members will include substantial discounts on a variety of products, services and opportunities.

Those students with public speaking aspirations are encouraged to join the NHSA Ambassador Program to make presentations about homeschooling to local groups willing to listen.

Other opportunities include “Future Business Leaders” and Terra Scholar Adventure Travel.

The NHSA Will Even Help With The Financing

The fact is that for many families, if they haven't joined a P.O.D.S. group, a decision to homeschool means that at least one parent will have to devote time that would otherwise be used earning money for the family. The NHSA wants to help support these families by helping them start and grow home based businesses. Enterprises that they can run from home to compensate for lost salary and to use as educational tools.

NHSA Members will have the opportunity to market products from their own businesses to the other Members via a PDF catalog that will be provided to all Members. The NHSA will soon provide barter, co-op marketing and funding plans to support business growth.

Things To Look Forward To

  • "Kickstart Education" providing every child the opportunity to fund their own dreams.
  • "Self Directed Learning Centers" to provide entire communities an alternative to public schools while providing the ultimate support package to local homeschoolers.
  • “SCHOOL'S OUT- FOREVER” (A feature length movie dramatically illustrating the many benefits of homeschooling.)