Mentorship Program

Home Learning Foundation

For centuries tradesmen passed their expertise from generation to generation by taking on apprentices to learn their trades. This system is extremely efficient especially if both tradesman and apprentice are committed to the process. The NHSA will attempt to match up tradesmen that are interested in having an apprentice with NHSA members who wish to become skilled in that particular trade.

TheNHSA will also make every effort to safely bring together any member who seeks the help of a tutor or mentor with those members who seek to provide those kinds of opportunities, either just for the experience of it or, as a career path.

Additionally NHSA will create alliances with tutoring organizations that charge for their services with the hope of arranging for significant discounts for NHSA members.

Those individuals interested in being tutored/mentored or are interested in doing the tutoring/mentoring should Contact Us.

Please note however that any tutor/mentor must be willing to undergo a thorough background check before being accepted into the program.

The NHSA will also be implementing a "Save a Teacher" program to help the good, inspiring and caring public school teachers, who love to teach but can no longer tolerate the overwhelming obstacles and disservices perpetuated, on them and their students, within the government schools.

The average public school teacher reaches burn-out within 5 years and with the new initiatives being implemented it is expected that a great many more teachers will be ready to flee from the already dying system.

The homeschool movement can and should assist the best of those teachers to find a home working as tutors and mentors to homeschooled students and groups. The "Save a Teacher" program is expected to be ready for implementation in the fall of 2019.  All members will be notified when it is ready and what they can do to help.